The Speech Therapist

Parkinson's Disease

This is a progressive and degenerative condition where automatic movements, like speaking and eating, become disrupted. Usually speech sounds “flat” or monotone and lacks inflection and emotion. You may also start to notice coughing or choking while eating or drinking.

It is possible that your speech can become intelligible again. As a qualified provider of the OUT LOUD! ® and LOUD Crowd! ®, I can help you learn to speak and live with intent. If this is something you may be interested in, please contact me to discuss at

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Speak Out

Should you wish to enrol in this program you will be able to use the Parkinson Voice Project library free of charge for a period of time, sufficient to be able to complete the individual program. However, to maintain this new way of speaking, you will have to continue on a daily basis.

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“Up to 90% of people with Parkinson’s are at risk of losing their ability to speak. In addition, swallowing complications account for 70% of the mortality rate in this patient population. Our vision at Parkinson Voice Project is to make quality speech therapy accessible to people with Parkinson’s worldwide”

Samantha Elandary, Parkinson Voice Project’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.