The Speech Therapist

Why Teletherapy?

Teletherapy (also called “Telepractice” or “Online Therapy”) has been around worldwide since 1990. It has proven by research to be very effective and possible to deliver equal outcomes to in-person services. The “Digital Therapy Revolution” brought about by the recent Covid pandemic caused me to become involved with Teletherapy.

The benefits:

  • convenient and accessible
  • does not involve time-consuming travel
  • saves on cost of travel, especially when traveling by bus or train
  • clients feel less self-conscious and scrutinized
  • it’s easier to speak more freely
  • mobility challenges are minimized
  • less fatigue
  • in familiar territory
  • as confidential and private as preferred by the client
  • continue with sessions on agreed days, even when away

The main difference is that the therapist and client are not in the same room.

How to access Teletherapy:

You need:

  • Internet connection with a speed of 5Mbps or more. (Check the speed of your device at
  • The device you use should have a built-in microphone, speaker and webcam/camera;
  • A support person, depending on your needs.

I send you an email or text with a link. You click on the link and it automatically opens the platform. If you have never used the platform before, I can assist you step by step over the phone. There is no charge for this. No need to feel embarrassed. We care and want it to run smoothly. There are different safe platforms, e.g. Zoom or Skype, that are encrypted. We can discuss your preference.

Online therapy session


Be ready before the time:

  • Consider going to the toilet;
  • Prepare yourself a drink;
  • Finish any food before the session, as it does not serve a speech-language session well, unless we deal with swallowing difficulties.
  • Remove the dog if there is the possibility of barking, and
  • Turn off the TV/radio/other sources of noise.